Mata Ki Chowki


Mata Ki Chowki is performed to show reverence to Maa Durga. Most popularly known as the 'Divine Mother', she goes by other names like Parvati, Shakti, Amba, Adishakti, etc. Her blessings are required to get through tough times. Mata Ki Chowki Puja is one way to seek her blessings. It is essentially a time when devotees get together and participate in Kirtans. The event can last for hours depending on the Bhajans and Kirtans.

Importance and Significance of Mata Ki Chowki Puja

She is called the Divine mother because a mother not only gives birth to a child, but is also the biggest influencer of her child’s future. The devotees gather together to seek blessings from their mother while rejoicing in her praises. Maa Durga, being the most powerful Goddess is known to bestow immense blessings upon her followers. The essence behind performing the Mata Ki Chowki is to fulfil one's wishes. This Puja ceremony involves the gathering of many worshipers who spend three hours singing hymns in her praise in order to please the Goddess so that she can grant them their wishes.

Benefits of Mata Ki Chowki Puja

  • Devotees prayers are answered
  • Creates a positive environment where all the devotees sing praises in harmony
  • Worshippers are blessed with peace and prosperity
  • Ensures a long and healthy life
  • Performing it one day before marriage ensures prosperity as well as fertility

Occasions to do a Mata Ki Chowki Puja

Navrati is the preferred occasion for devotees, but Mata Ki Chowki can be performed on any occasion. It is mostly done to celebrate happy occasions like birthdays, weddings, festivals, etc.

Mata Ki Chowki Puja Vidhi (Procedure)

  • It commences with the Lord Ganesha's and Maa Durga's Puja abhishek
  • Flowers and sandalwood are offered to the deity's idol after which incense and diyas are lit
  • This is followed by singing Bhajans in praises of the powerful deity
  • Then offerings are made in the form of garlands, coconut, fruits, etc.
  • This is followed by requesting Maa Durga to fulfil our wishes
  • Some aartis and shlokas are then recited Once the Puja is over the Prasad is distributed to the devotees.

Please note that this is a general way of performing this Puja and the procedure varies from community to community.

Mata Ki Chowki Mantras and Hymns

The Bhajans vary from mandali to mandali, who might make their own ones or simply sing the popular ones. This is one of the most chanted Durga mantras which help in achieving all kinds of desires.

|| Om Hreeng Dung Durgaayai Namah ||

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