Birthday Puja


Birthdays are probably the most awaited days of the year. It is the day we are born, the timing of which decides our future based on our nakshatras. This day determines who we are shaped as people and what our nature will be as a result of our stars. A special day, where our near and dear ones celebrate us being born in this world. But no celebration is complete without a Puja. A Birthday Puja is undertaken for various purposes, but mostly to make the occasion even more scared and special.

Importance and Significance of Birthday Puja

All of us celebrate our birthdays in different ways. We cut cakes, invite people to come over and then have a party. Essentially, we celebrate our coming into this world with friends and family. A Happy Birthday Puja is a way to thank God for giving us life. Additionally, it is also done to seek blessings for physical well-being, affluence, success, peace and contentment.

Benefits of Birthday Puja

  • Like all other Pujas, it is known to bring prosperity
  • It removes negative hurdles
  • An opportunity to start the year afresh
  • Blessings for longer life
  • Overall welfare - physical, mental, as well as material

Birthday Puja Vidhi (Procedure)

The Janam Din Puja can either be done directly or be performed by the Pandit on the behalf of the devotee. On this day we can also do the Satyanarayan Puja. It can be customised based on the traditions and rituals followed by the devotee. The Birthday Puja samagri must be assembled beforehand.

  • It starts with the Ganesh Puja
  • Navagraha mantra is chanted along with several other mantras
  • A Havan is performed
  • This is followed by the distributing the offerings to the devotees

Birthday Puja Mantras

Any mantra or hymn of your favourite deity can be chanted. But mostly the Ganesh mantra seems to be the preferred choice.

|| Gajananam bhutganadhi sevitam
Kapithjambufalcharu bhakshanam
Uma sutam shokvinashkarakam
Namami vighneshwar padupankaiam ||

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